Monday, 14 March 2011

Nathan's Interview with pop dash!

This week sees the released of The Wanted's brand new single 'Gold Forever' as the official Comic Relief track. PopDash caught up with Nathan from the band to talk to him about the charity, The Wanted's upcoming tour and his past as a child star!
PopDash: The new single, ‘Gold Forever’, is the Comic Relief single. How did it all come about?

Nathan: Well we were recording the song anyway, for our new album and Comic Relief approached us and asked if they could release it as the official song for this years campaign. We said yes straight away, I mean it’s an amazing charity. Not many people get the chance to play such a big part in the charity and we were honoured to be asked.

PopDash: How do you feel about the song itself? Do you think it marks a new sound from the first album?

Nathan: Well it starts out quite slow but then it becomes a crazy, anthem party track and I just love it. When we first hear it we were waiting for something to happen at first but then it kicked in and we we’re just like ‘This is epic’ and wanted to record it straight away. 

PopDash: What can you tell us about the video?

Nathan: It’s an enlightening experience! 

PopDash: Well that’s vague…

Nathan: Actually, here’s a fact. We filmed the video in the same room that a lot of The King’s Speech was filmed. It was so weird because that film is so big, and Colin Firth is so amazing and then we turn up and we’re basically on the same set as the guy who just won an Oscar. It was all good though.

PopDash: Now, ‘Gold Forever’ is going to be on the next Wanted album. Correct?
Nathan: We believe so. It’s early days with the next album but we hope to have it out by the end of the year. ‘Gold Forever’ is a good taste of what’s to come. We’re just trying to find the time to get in the studio really.

PopDash: Will you guys be trying anything different on this next album? 

Nathan: I’m not sure really. It won’t be a carbon copy of the first album and I hope it’s an edgy album. It’s just going to the The Wanted!

PopDash: Has playing live influenced your new music at all?

Nathan: We’ve never put anything into a song to get a deliberate reaction from people. We want to write big hits and songs that we want to listen to basically. We’re just writing songs we love and hopefully other people will like them. 

PopDash: You guys are going out on tour in April. What can the fans expect? Have you got anything special lined up?

Nathan: There is a story to the show. We’ve got a theme running through it, we’re not just going to come out and play some songs. The sets are amazing too. It’s going to be a really fun experience. I mean, we’ll enjoy it because we’ll just be jumping around like idiots!

PopDash: You said there is a story in the show, will you be acting at all? Channelling your inner Colin Firth’s so to speak…

Nathan: We’d like to but most of us are just awful!

PopDash: With this new single being a charity single, we were wondering: have you ever raised money before? Bath of beans, that sort of thing?

Nathan: I’ve never told anyone this before but when I was 6 or 7 I recorded a single and sold it for charity. It was my Dad’s idea and I think I raised about five thousand pounds in the end. 

PopDash: What was the name of the song?

Nathan: It was called ‘Be Kind To All Children’. 

PopDash: Are there still copies of that around? It might end up on YouTube…

Nathan: I really, really hope not!

The Wanted’s new single ‘Gold Forever’ is available now. All proceeds from the single go to Comic Relief.

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