Monday, 14 March 2011


To celebrate the release of Gold Forever TW welcome you to Another #wantedweek!
BUT, not only is it #wantedweek, its also, #WYRweek, (WYR stands for Would You Rather Incase you didnt know) and many of you should know that my twitter is @ThewantedWYR, the home of TW WYRS. -HA.
So, yeah, head over to @Thewantedwyr ALL this week for lots and lots of TW WYRS. 
Here's this weeks first video. Lets take a look around siva's room....

And here is this weeks first #WYRweek WYR.......
WYR: Live in Ireland with Siva for a year, and not see any of the other boys or live with all the boys in london for two weeks?
Reply by commenting below, or tweeting me using the hashtag #WYRweek and your answer, ill post the most popular answer tomorow along with a new video and a new WYR!
Love ya!


  1. All the boys in london for 2 weeks!

  2. Siva for a year! :D