Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Jays tour diary!

Ok have  got exclusive access to all the backstage gossip and behind-the-scenes info from The Wanted's tour diary *scream*.
Here's the first exclusive entry in The Wanted's tour diary, Jay chats sweaty backs, spine-tingling screams from the crowds and baby Nathan.

"So after weeks and weeks of sweating our backs off, our first tour's finally started, and it feels good. I'll be honest, moments before we go on, I feel a bit strange sat in a jumpsuit with studded gloves on, but as soon as you step foot on stage you're swept away with only illuminate positioning tape to anchor you in position (and to the floor). 

The crowd reaction has been more than even we expected - seeing everyone, including the little kids and their mums and dads screaming the obscure album tracks back at us word for word is a total spine-tingler! 

(They don't scream them on the ballads so much if I'm honest) and it also means if we're shattered we can do the showbiz hold-the-mic-out-and-the-audience-sing thing. 

Our band are incredible, we were determined that we introduced them by name to the crowd and when we do it's insane. They and the whole team have brought the show to a fever pitch, and it's going to be strange when we do the summer festivals with the usual playback (hint at the record label...).

Speaking of which, we're doing a one off school gig in Manchester to surprise the kids there and I THINK they'll focus less on the band and more on if baby Nath winked at them. 

Its been a cracking start, hope to see you along for the ride! Jay"

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