Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Wanted WANT Vegas! ♥

THE WANTED are planning a tear-up in Las Vegas in preparation for their first ever UK tour.

The lads kick off their 15-date road trip in Manchester at the end of March.
And skinhead MAX GEORGE has revealed the magic and glamour of Las Vegas will form a prominent part of the show.
He said: "It would be great to get some Vegas bonding time. The show will have a Vegas theme in parts.
"There will be loads of different costumes.
"But there will be no gimmicks or sexy dancers.
"It will just be us on stage apart from a live band.
He continued: "A trip to Las Vegas is a great shout.
"It's very important we get a feel for it", Max cheekily added
"TOM, SIVA and I will be the only ones able to drink but that's ok.
"It will be like our own version of The Hangover."
Poor old NATHAN and JAY.
Max, who is dating Corrie actress MICHELLE KEEGAN, also said the lads have discussed the possibility of incorporating free-running or Parkour into the show. 
He said: "We've had lots of discussions. Parkour is another idea."

A promotional trip to the US has now been put on the back-burner so the band can focus on gruelling tour rehearsals.
Max told me: "We're going to South-East Asia and Germany for the whole of February but then we need to come back and focus on the show and our new single.
"We don't want to be away for the UK for too long.
"We love our UK fans and want to continue to step things up here.
"It is the most important thing for all of us."

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