Thursday, 24 February 2011

The Wanted are putting down the booze! ♥

THE WANTED star JAY McGUINESS says the lads have cut down on their manic boozing as they get to grips with life in the limelight.

The group – who were nominated for Best Single at last week’s Brit Awards – have enjoyed a whirlwind nine months, shooting to No1 in the summer with All Time Low and scoring a No4 debut album in October.
They are currently preparing for their first ever UK tour and Jay is keen to be bang on form.
He said: “When we got up on stage six months ago we used to be like rabbits in headlights.
“Now we know what we are doing a bit more and are enjoying it.”
The curly-haired singer added: “Back then we thought we might be one hit wonders and wanted to enjoy it while it lasted”
“We don’t get as drunk as we used to as it can actually make a difference on how we do.”
The tour – which kicks off in Machester on March 28 – will also see the lads sport a more grown-up image.
Jay said: “I don’t want to give too much away but there is a big section where we will be smart and in dinner suits.”
“I hope the fans like it.”
Jay – who has just finished a promotional tour of South-East Asia with the rest of his bandmates NATHAN SYKESSIVA KANESWARANTOM PARKER and MAX GEORGE – added the lads are also taking a more sensible approach to pulling women.
He said: “You do get a load of really fit girls come up to you. But we’ve found out how to do it now.
“Before it was grab all you can get. Now we’re choice-picking girls that aren’t insane and going to give you drama for two weeks.”
But he added: “Tom’s still all-you-can-eat buffet. He’s taking advantage.”
“Max is still loved-up.”
“When we’re chilling on our bus he says he’s off to play on computer games when really he’s on Skype to Michelle.''


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