Monday, 7 February 2011

Jay has been posting alot of Pictures today.... ♥

So, Jays been a bit of a twitter geek today, and posted lots of lovely pictures for us, all the way from Germany, Here they are, Captions an'all!

Jay The Vegetarian:
''Ok so I know it NEVER looks like the packet, but HUH?!! That's the best you could do? Looks like veggie-vomit.''
That looks flipping vile Jay.

Jay The Tourist:
3 points- @SivaTheWanted's weird striped arm. @NathanTheWanted's creepy window ghost. It was sunny in Germany!'

Jay the boy who takes pictures of other funny looking boys:
'Deutches essen ist lecker!' (German food is delicious!)

Jay the boy that likes his friends:
'Hahaha my friend is a teacher in America & I THINK The Wanted may have been a topic in class at some point...'

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