Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Aww siva's ill!. ♥

WHO wants to play nurse ladies, because The Wanted star Siva has a poorly voice!
Speaking exclusively to today Siva from The Wanted told OK he's got infected vocal chords and is really worried about his voice for the coming tour. 

He said: "I've got a really sore voice. It's infected vocal chords. I'm quite worried about it."

The hot 22-year-old, who is set to tour the UK with Max, Tom, Jay and Nathan in March, says the infection is really affecting his singing.

He added: "We had to sing loads of songs while we were in Germany [for a promo tour] but I could only do a low harmony."

And the Irish fittie, who will film The Graham Norton Show tonight before jetting back to Germany tomorrow for a two-week promo tour, said he is really worried it won't heal in time for when they take to the stage here next month.

He said: "I'm so excited about the tour but more worried that my voice won't heal. I have an old man's voice at the moment.

"It's hard trying to find time for it to heal. Sleep is really important and I'm not getting enough."

Asked whether he has been to the doctor, the Irish model-turned singer told us: "All the lads go to doctors for things but when its not serious I won't go. I'm just taking cough medicine and cough syrup."

The Wanted boys are up for Best British Single at the Brit Awards 2011 this month. So do the lads think they have a realistic chance of taking home the award?

Siva told us: "It's amazing we're nominated, what a privilege. But then I looked at the people also nominated! But i'm thinking we could get it. We have very loyal fans who are giving us confidence."

Awww get better soon Siva! 

P.s........Atleast they have Kumar to step in if it all goes wrong. ;)

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