Thursday, 3 February 2011

Awww Siva reveals to OK! that he's a real romantic ♥

LET'S face it we've already dreamed of what it would be like to be Siva from The Wanted's girlfriend.
But we're even MORE jealous of The Wanted star Siva's girlfriend after he exclusively told us just how romantic he really is.

Speaking to the Irish hottie told us that he is always finding ways to make things special for Nareesha.

He said: "I'm very romantic. I take good care of her. I take her out to dinner lots (by candlelight) and do little things."

And the 22-year-old made us laugh when he referred to Jay's recent prank on his candle.

He told us: "I'm a candle kind of guy. I like to chill out. I don't mind saying that I like candles. I've got the missus and gotta to bend to her needs sometimes."

Irish fittie Siva said that he and his girl have to work extra hard to make things work because they are apart so much of the time.

He said: "In the beginning it took a lot to deal with [the distance] but after a while you get into a routine and when you are together you make it special. You appreciate each other more."

And because of the band's commitments it looks like Siva will be spending Valentine's with Max, Nathan, Tom and Jay instead.

He told us: "I'll be away for Valentines with the boys. We'll probably end up doing pranks. I'll make it up to my girlfriend after."


  1. siva is soo sweet.. i wish i were his girlfriend!!! :)

  2. he is so fittttttt