Friday, 4 February 2011

''Stayboy Nathan'' to support the wanted.... ♥

There’s a few things we do know, and a lot of things we want to know about The Wanted’s tour, and we’re not just talking about whether or not Jay will gets his nipples out. That’s a a given. The setlist, the support acts, the pop star barnets. Let’s find out shall we… in the continuation of our much-loved ‘everything you need to know about…’ series.

Gimme the basics:
The tour starts March 28th in Manchester’s O2 Apollo and ends April 15th in Edinburgh’s Playhouse. In total, there’s 15 dates, 3 of which were added due to demand for tickets. That means the boys will have just 4 nights off to hang out with Jay’s pet lizard neytiri and pop down to the park for a game of ‘sniff my bum’.

What’s the setlist?
It’s far too early to say – we’re not off to a good start are we? We’ll update this when we know, but you can expect to hear the singles, the rest of the album and at least a few covers. Is it just us hoping for a medley of Britney Spears’ greatest hits? In bad news, Tom will probably get the acoustic guitar out at some point. And sadly, we’re not being crude.

Who’s supporting them?
UPDATE: You were hoping for Parade. You were hoping for GMD3. We were hoping for Ed Drewett. Instead we get… “Starboy Nathan”....WHO also supported JLS, who’s confirmed on his Twitter that he’s supporting the band. No, us neither. But don’t worry, chances are there’ll be another support act announced soon who might be slightly better and more attractive…

Will there be merchandise?
Yes. Do we know what it is? No. But expect to see overpriced t-shirts and programmes and a lot less cash in your wallet by the time the show’s over.

What’s the theme?
By the sounds of things it’s going to be pretty lowkey, Max told The Sun that the show would “have a Vegas theme in parts”. “There will be loads of different costumes. But there will be no gimmicks or sexy dancers.” He’s also promised something we hoped for from the start – a live band. So no silly up and down dancing then? There’s also been discussion about elements of Parkour (street running) being used in the show. The whole thing sounds like a bizarre mix of high-camp Vegas glamour and urban grit. Let’s see…

Is it sold out?
Nope – you can still get tickets here.

Are there VIP tickets?
Yes. But they sold out....

Who’s directing it…
Also know as ‘the boss’. Again, we don’t know.

And what about a tour DVD?
Do you mean 12 minutes of (manager) Jayne Collins sticking a Flipcam here there and everywhere on #WantedWednesday isn’t enough for you? Again, we don’t know. But we’ll let you know when we do.

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  1. Nathan isn't actually supporting them, he just said he is. My friend is friends with the management, and they haven't even picked the supporting acts yet!