Wednesday, 20 April 2011

#Wantedwednesday - Birthday messages for nathan!

SORRY I haven't been able to update this week, i've been away, and now i'm back, so here it is, today video:

this weeks mailer from the wanted:
So this week the mailer is actually more of a Nathan Birthday Card; so we thought that you - The TWFanmily - would like to be here when he opens it... 

Nathan Sykes - for your birthday I am giving you my name from this point on. Henceforth, you will be known as Nathan 'James' Sykes in honour of every lesson I have ever taught you. Whether it's pot noodles or layering seats of a public loo with toilet roll. These are lessons that will be with you forever... You are a man and now you will go forth into the world bearing the crest of "Jay McGuiness". Happy birthday, you beautiful little goblin.. We love you 

Here is a very small selection of pics that we wanted to include... the rest are on a disk in the post... 







Jay, Siva, Max & Tom

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