Monday, 4 April 2011

Nathan's Tour Diary!

OK have got exclusive access to all the backstage gossip and behind-the-scenes info from The Wanted's tour diary *scream*.
In the second exclusive entry in The Wanted's tour diary, Nathan chats pre-show nerves, dropping the mic and Tom's undone flies. 

Hi Guys!!

Welcome to my update on our Behind Bars Tour 2011!

Well I will start by saying ... The tour is going so well! The crowds have been amazing and we can't wait to get up on stage each night!

One of my favourite moments of the whole show happens before we even get on stage, when the background music in the auditorium suddenly stops and the curtain drops to reveal the stage. That's when the excitement begins (when I say "excitement", I mean, we begin to get nervous!). We hear the crowd chanting and screaming and every night I pinch my arm to remind myself that what is happening isn't just a dream!

We all have special connections to certain venues and on this tour we have already been to a few of them. It was Nottingham for Jay and Manchester for Tom and Max but tonight we are in Cardiff, where I feel closest to home as I'm from Gloucester and I have lots of Welsh family. 

It will also be special for me tonight as it will be the first time that any of my family has seen the show! I am going to try and surprise my mum and give her a massive shout out and its going to be even more special as it is Mothers Day... I hope she doesn't get too embarrassed!

Speaking of surprises, there have been many surprise additions to the tour that were not part of the original choreography. This includes me dropping my mic when standing centre stage, Tom suddenly realising half way through the show that his trousers were undone, Siva walking on stage with his shoes on the wrong feet, Max getting his shirt ripped off by screaming mums (yes ... 'Mums'!) and last but certainly not least, Jay falling down the stairs!!! 

But I suppose that's what makes us The Wanted and if we ever had a show where we couldn't laugh at one another for doing something stupid during the show - I think we would be leading very boring lives! I hope you enjoyed my update of our 1st ever UK tour and if you didn't manage to get any tickets this time around, hopefully you will get a chance to come and see our mental show sometime soon.

All the best,
Nathan x


  1. Hilarious, how do you not realise you have your shoes on the wrong feet???? Ahh love you Nath!!

  2. Im Sorry Nathan But You Are Just Too Gorgous I Saw You In Plymouth Pavillions And Omg You Looked Amazing I Couldn't Stop Screaming For You =] Can't Wait For Your Next Tour Me And My Friend Are Hoping To Buy Vip Tickets To Meet You Because Omg I Love You =] xxxx