Monday, 11 April 2011

Siva's Tour Diary!

OK'VE got exclusive access to all the backstage gossip and behind-the-scenes info from The Wanted's tour diary *scream*.
In our fourth exclusive entry in The Wanted's tour diary, Siva talks Tom's smelly feet (see pic!), being bitten by a fan and wearing knitted thongs...

"Hi there, Siva here for a little update from The Wanted for OK Magazine. 

After a delicious meal in catering I'm currently in the dressing room and slowly digesting my two desserts 

 and have just witnessed Tom's putrid, smelly feet 

 and they've almost brought my food back up ;)
I've been thinking about all the shows we've done so far, and every single show has been amazing! We could not have asked for more on this "The Wanted Behind Bars Tour 2011" Check out the crowds in Bournemouth & Sheffield.

 To be fair, the tour is even better than I could ever have imagined, but WOW this weekend of shows in Bournemouth and Sheffield... were completely awesome. Maybe the next few shows could be even better...? The best shows of the tour...? Or the loudest...? or the craziest....?  I wouldn't be surprised, I've been bitten by a fan in the past (if you're reading this, shame on you!) but could the next one be a dark horse...oowa.
I can only imagine.
Likely scenarios, exhibit A.
EXHIBIT A We lose our Wardrobe on the M1 & resort to wearing the only items left on the tour bus..... thongs knitted by the fans! 

EXHIBIT B We see a different kind of welcome outside Wolverhampton Civic Hall
Im thinkin exibit B.

See you soon & lots of love Siva xxx"

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