Friday, 15 April 2011

TW webchat with the Daily Record!

At 12.30 today the wanted started a webchat with the daily record- Scotland.
All the questions were asked by fans, and just in case you missed it
Here it is:
(sorry I didn't get all the questions, it was moving fast, and this took be a LONG time, if you are going to copy & paste it please give me credit!)
QUESTION:What made you all want to become singers so much? And who inspired you to become one?
SIVA: well all of us love music firstly!lol...well for me personally though, ive come from a musical family in ireland and always loved it it made me feel performing! its a great buzz.

QUESTION: When is Lightning going to be released?
SIVA:Lightning is going to be on our second album Whether or not its going to be the next single is all up to you lol. What does everybody thinK?

QUESTION: What is Jay's middle name?
SIVA: His middle name is non existent but hes also known as noah.

QUESTION: If you were a hairdresser, who's hair in the band would you change why and what to?
MAX: Id change nathans into a blonde the lose my mind video he looks really sexy.

QUESTION: my question for the boys- Loudest crowd on tour? Sheffield was pretty loud ;)
MAX: Manchester!!! But everywhere has been amazing.

QUESTION: whats nathan doing for his birthday?
MAX: gettin ddrruunnnkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!

QUESTION: How long does it take Nathan to do his hair?
MAX: About 3 days.

QUESTION: Whats the best thing about being in the wanted?
MAX: Free Beer!

QUESTION: Siva, whats your favourite sweet?
SIVA: my favourite sweets are sugary fairies.

QUESTION: what have you all missed not having on the tour?
THE WANTED:  my dog - max, my spandex - siva, my dolls - nathan, my brain-tom,my dignity-jay.

QUESTION: Who is your favourite artist?
SIVA: Aqua

QUESTION: Whats been the best moment of being in the wanted?
SIVA: number 1 with all time low was the bestest feeling ever!!!!!

QUESTION: Whats been your favourite song to perform on tour?

QUESTION: Have you ever worn a kilt?
 SIVA: yes at a wedding once but my bits were freezing!!

QUESTION: what couldn't you live with out?
THE WANTED: Tom couldnt live without max.

QUESTION: What word would you use to sum up the 'Behind Bars Tour'?
THE WANTED:Ssssssiiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkk!

QUESTION: What is your biggest fear?
NATHAN: my biggest fear is siva in the morning ... not a pretty sight!

QUESTION: If you could kiss anyone, who would it be?
NATHAN: i would kiss megan fox .... yeh .... hmmmmm

QUESION: Has there been any pranks on tour?
NATHAN: yes!!! loads!!!! we terrorised our support band, lawson, (if u aint heard ofthem, check them out, their amazing), and it involved eggs and flour ... enough said.

QUESTION: Is nathan secretly harry potter?
NATHAN: no, but i will cast a spell on you if you want?

QUESTION: Max who is your idol?
THE WANTED: Max's idol is Elvis!

QUESTION: jay have you ever thought about having the same haircut as max?
THE WANTED: his curles are too sensitive!

QUESTION: Nathan would you ever date a fan?
THE WANTED:of course i would date a fan!!!

QUESTION:  if you had a day with the whole of the #twfanmily where would u take us?
THE WANTED: we would take you to benidorm!!!!

THE WANTED: Thanks for all the questions guys!!! see ya soon!!! chat to us on twitter and facebook!!!! laterzzzzz!!!!! xxx

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