Monday, 16 January 2012


Hello TWfanmily!

So, We haven't had a long wordy blog post in a while, so I though id treat you all to one...

I managed to get my self on an exclusive copy of TW's issue of Top Of The Pop before It hits the shops on is my review:

     So, When I heard about a The Wanted special of Top of the pops magazine, I was a bit unsure about what it really was, Just a normal TOTP magazine with a few pages on TW or an entire magazine dedicated to The Wanted? Well, when i received it I was VERY pleasantly surprised to find that it is infact Entirely dedicated to the boys, every single page. Did anyone ever get the S Club 7 magazine when the were younger? Its a bit like that, but a one off!

Moving on to Posters, which I am sure is what you are all most excited about. The magazine has not 1, not 2.....BUT 12 posters of The Wanted inside. 3 of which are giant posters, and when they say giant, trust me...they mean it.The posters are all of BRAND NEW gorgeous pictures of the boys, which I know you will all love. TOTP really are treating your #wantedwalls. 

The magazine also features lots of interesting interviews, pictures, embarrassing moments and quotes. Its really not one to miss if you want all the interesting gossip on who sweats so much, they had to go to the doctors! or which member of the band would not donate a kidney to the other 4!

The magazine also features 6 exclusive competitions for you to win; TWAT ticket, Socks, a signed FlipCam with unseen footage of the boys, wash bags and more!

ALSO see another review of the magazine by blog co-owner Rianna on our FB page HERE!
Like the sounds of that?
The magazine comes out on thursday at the cost of £2.99, bargain for everything you get!

Here is also an exclusive interview of what the bonus got up to whiles making the magazine:
Like this review, click here and tell your mates about it:

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