Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Tom on his fling with a 50 year old!

     Tom  has opened up about his experience of a one night stand with a 40 something record label executive.

Speaking to the Sun, Parker revealed that the fling happened when the band were in Germany doing promotional work.
The singer said that he ended up at a party in a hotel with bandmate Jay McGuiness, who finished the night asleep next to a German man. He said:
"Older women have been through life. The woman I had was nearly 50. It was in Germany and she was a record label executive. It happened on a night out while we were over there for a bit of promo. I ended up at a party in this hotel. Jay was at the same party and ended up falling asleep on the red carpet next to a German guy."
He concluded: "I don't keep in touch with her - I left it there. It's just one of those experiences in life."

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  1. likes older women huh? theres hope for me yet. even if i am only a few years older :-P