Thursday, 5 January 2012

Newbie! :)

Hi everyone, just thought I’d say hello and introduce myself to you all because I was lucky enough to be asked to be a new co-owner of the blog J
My name’s Rianna (@Rianna_HeartsTW) and like many of you I am a massive The Wanted fan! Below there are a few things about me J
·         I discovered The Wanted very early in their career, during the school tour. I fell in love with All Time Low the first time I listened to it and it’s one of my favourite songs of all time!
·         I love The Wanted because they are not afraid to be different to your typical boyband and I think they’re amazing to stay true to themselves in such a tough industry. They are 5 of the most talented and hardworking lads I’ve ever come across.
·         I’ve been lucky enough to meet The Wanted a couple of times and go and see them live at every chance I get! I’m going to their first arena tour in March with my best friend, which I’m (in the words of Nathan Sykes) #buzzin for! ;)
·         I can’t choose just one favourite song but I love Behind Bars and Personal Soldier from their debut album and I love Rocket, The Weekend and Lightning from Battleground
So now you know a bit more about me. I’m so excited to be helping with the blog and will update you with any news whenever I can! If you want a chat (or find out anything that we’ve missed ;) ) feel free to tweet me at @Rianna_HeartsTW or just say hi in the comments below J
I’m looking forward to chatting to you all!
Rianna x

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