Wednesday, 1 June 2011

#Wantedwednesday Mailer!

Here's this weeks mailer from The Wanted:

Spanish greetings!

This mailer comes to you from a sunny beach in Ibiza where I am sat squinting into a sandy iPhone trying to tell you all about our up-coming video without really telling you anything so as not to spoil it when it does come out. Let's face it, when you've peeked at your Christmas present, Christmas is average at the very best.

So here are some things we can tell you:

True to tradition Tom will be topless.

Max will be moved to tears by Debbie when she says she is leaving to become a face painter at country fairs.

I will have a tongue.

Nathan will have a thumb, and use it to visually demonstrate a positive feeling about the atmosphere.

Siva will emulate this positive thumb action but throw in a pout for old time's sake.
Hmmmm what else can we tell you?
Oh yeah, we still eat really healthily!!

Both enigmatically and jovially we will all at some point sit on a branch under blue skies...

There are no dogs allowed.

We love Ibiza, we are loving shooting the video and when you see it we hope you think it's as bad ass as a rude donkey.

All our love,
The lads

Max Jay Nathan Tom and Siva x

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  1. how do i sign up to get the mailer to my phone?