Saturday, 14 May 2011

Wise words from Jay-

Jay just posted this on Tumblr.....
*Guaranteed to make you smile & cry.....*
Hi! Could everyone please read this to the very end? It’s long but hopefully it’ll mean something to some people.

So my little brother was playing a cricket match against a lad from my year in secondary school. As some of you know I was a tap dancer at that age, nothing special, just loved it- sometimes still miss it. 

Anyway, this 21 year old guy told my little brother he used to bully me.

I couldn’t remember him so my brother emailed me a picture of him, and he was holding a beautiful baby girl (Possibly his daughter). My first thought “this guy has a KID?”.

Now I don’t want to dramatise this at all but I danced when it was NOT okay for a lad to dance so I kept it quiet, didn’t dance at school and mostly stayed under the radar, so the worst I ever got was “Billy Elliot” shouted at me and a couple of kid-fights, some people get FAR worse.

But I thought, when that little girl grows up, if she ever comes home crying because she’s being bullied, what will he say to her? I’m sure he’d say all the right things, put plasters over her cuts, make sure she goes to bed giggling and then bollock some stressed, over-worked teacher who has their own life to sort out.
And I bet he won’t even stop to think twice. I bet he won’t understand how any low-life kid would want to make that beautiful girl feel so bad about herself. 

Aside from that, this fella who is currently 21 told my little brother he used to bully me like he’s proud of it. Now my brother’s a phenomenal cricketer, so maybe he was feeling a little insecure and wanted to put his famous brother down. (Yeah, it is a bit cringe to write that) I’m tempted to name and shame him but I think it’s well unfair because people can change, but he still hasn’t (Plus I doubt he’d be able to read this far).

I wasn’t a perfect kid, and now I’m ashamed of some of the things I did and said to some people. And if I saw them today I’d apologise and I’d be EMBARRASSED not proud. 

To anyone getting bullied, success is (TOTALLY) the best form of revenge. You’ll stop caring what they thought of you, and just find it sad when you find out they’re still trying to do it to your kid brother 7 years later and you’ve topped the charts, travelled the world, and sold out a tour. (KERRRRCHING!!)
Or whatever your equivalent is, getting a job and doing well is just as worthy. Find friends that make you laugh and get as smart as you can while school is free.

If you’re reading this and feeling uncomfortable try growing up quicker than I or this dude ever did and give whoever needs it a (permanent) break.

As I said my brother is a great cricketer but unfortunately the first ball he bowled dropped short and smashed this 21 year old’s ribs, he got a nasty bruise and a small cut. His second attempt my brother bowled him out, and told him he would pass on his apologies to me. 

Success IS the best form of revenge.

And “Billy Elliot” is a great film. 

Jay x
Thats pretty gorgeous right, and I'm talking about the words *as well as the picture*.
This put tears in my eyes, because its so many people get bullied or have been. *hand up*.
So listen to this, and good luck if you have exams at the moment, make a success of yourself just like jay! :)


  1. Inspirational... Love you Jay xxx

  2. Oh my God...i never knew jay was bullied. i feel like i got a connection of some kind to him now! Lol. Btw dat dude shuld go throw himself in the dumpster cos jay's damn succesful now and he's doing absolutely nothing but being a fucking asshole :). Cheers.