Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Its #wantedwednesday!

Here is this weeks #wantedwednesday video- 

Tour bits that were Made but not seen!

....And Here is this weeks mailer, as written by Jay:


This week we've been writing and recording some material for the next The Wanted album! So it's been back in the studio for us and we've all tried to get loads of creative juice swilling about. It's hard to describe creative juice, either in appearance, texture, smell or taste, and it's hard to know where it even emits from. All we can say for sure is sometimes it takes a while for the creative juices to flow, and sometimes you walk into a room and it's already oozing out of you like a melody/word centred doughnut that someone's took a huge bite of. Sometimes when you start you feel as creatively juice-less as a Weetabix with no milk dipped in flour, but you often find if everyone else is juicing about in the room you very quickly get in the spirit of things, and you leave with a sweaty sheen of metaphors and melodies still dribbling out of every creative pore in your body. It's all very exciting. As we are all in the mood, I'm going to crack open a jar of creative juice and make the rest of the mailer another rhyming one, helps with the lyric writing and all that! 

Juices now are steady flowing, through the boys TW,
although how there is no knowing, we will try explaining to-
you our TWinspiration, and from where this juice emits,
Nathan first our bright young starlet, we'll decipher bit-by-bit,
everything inside his cranium, we present with faces lit! 

Thomas Parker next in line, to show the thoughts inside his brain,
also maybe things are darker, in the head of Parker-reign, 
king of beats and eery tunes this mister bring a rocky edge,
even while he views cartoons, spooky thoughts traverse his head,
sometimes though a fragile beauty, in malefic hand is lead... 

It now falls upon Mr George, to show the things that make him tick,
the subject on which his thoughts gorge, are shown below, and brick by brick
undisturbed mind-walls will crumble, revealing what's contained within,
perhaps it seems a mighty jumble, perhaps you'll view it with a grin... 

Time now for myself to show, best I can, in picture form,
how I think and what I know, in my OWN cerebral storm,
even I am apprehensive, to reveal my psyche's swarm... 

Siva's turn has come at last, and we must warn you from the start,
pre-judge him at your own cost, his tiny brain has massive heart,
his words (though few) are most emotive, sung or spoken still they sail
in puppetry of human heart strings, and he tugs them without fail,
now to gaze upon his vision (not available in braille) 

Cheers for reading start to finish, confusing though we know it could have been, 
that was our attempt to show you, the juice that oils our TWmachine. 

Everyone who likes the mailer, could you tell someone you know?
really is a massive favour, but we want this juice to flow! 

Love always, the boys, 
Siva, Tom, Nathan, Jay & Max x 

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