Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Tom & Max's Headboards give each other High fives. *Little fans close your eyes*

THE WANTED have lifted the lid on their steamy sex marathons - and how they drive each other around the bend.
Singleton TOM PARKER revealed that bandmate MAX GEORGE's hot romping with girlfriend MICHELLE KEEGAN is the subject of some ribbing.
Tom said: "We live together and Max's bed backs on to mine - they are thin walls. I hear them getting it on."
Max chipped in: "Things are going really well with me and Michelle. We are really strong, like two Sumo wrestlers.
"Tom and I have rooms next to each other - our headboards give each other high fives.
"But it's usually the other way round and I have to tell Tom to calm it down."
Tom even told me all about a one-night stand that went wrong.
He said: "I was in bed with a girl when my phone rang. It was the ex-girlfriend."
Then JAY McGUINESS piped up, adding: "Tom will bring back girls to the house and play potential singles or demos we're going to do. He has literally met the girl that night, why does she need to hear a half-finished track?"
Sounds like the charmer has got his pulling technique down to a tee.
The five are confirmed girl magnets but I fear they will have no luck with one lady they plan to feature in a song.
Jay said: "We're going to write a song about the royal wedding. She's posh totty." Steady, lads


  1. Noo! Don't want to know stuff like that about the lads! They should be pure. Even though the bed thing was kind of funny :D

  2. Ahahaha, Id give anything to be one of those girls!! xx

  3. wow, where do you get these from?!
    this is soooo funnnnnyy! hahahaha xx

  4. ahahahaha :D Thats Tom for you love em'xx

  5. lolaggee!!! but wrrooonngnggg... haz x

  6. Lol I loved heraing about the boys' sexcapades. Its good to know they are human and are doing that stuff haha I would love to be one of those girls though, a girl can dream. And absolutely died laughing at the sumo wrestler comment. Makes me love the boys even more xoxo