Friday, 1 July 2011

YAHOO Interview TW!

Here's a brand new interview with the boys From Yahoo, Max is only in the first half as he had to shoot off to Elton John's AIDS Foundation event...alright for some!
So Max tell us all about the special moment.
Max: That's between me and Mich. (awww)
But we know you bought her a dog?
Max: Well that was actually for her birthday but yeah...
And how have the fans reacted?
Max: They've been really supportive. They love her.
No broken hearts then? Max: Nah, that would be the case if it was Nathan getting engaged.
So when shall we buy our hat?
Max: There are no wedding plans yet, we're both too busy.
And with that we were whisked off so he could get changed. Important to note that we took a peak through the window and saw his hot bod, before he put on his tux and white tie and showed it off to us and the rest of the boys. Wit Woo.
Next stop Tom, Siva, Nathan and Jay.
Hello boys. You've come amazingly far. How does it feel?
Jay: It's weird when you sit in these interviews and you think how far we've come. Day to day you don't think about it.
All this fame but it doesn't seem to have gone to your heads?
*Group laughter*
Jay: I've actually got this [chair] on a bit of bungee rope and I'm gonna release myself any moment.
Siva: I've got somewhere to be. Can you just hurry this up?
*More group laughter*
Very funny. You've just finished touring, how was it?
Jay: Touring made me think oh my Christ on a bike, this is why I'm doing what I'm doing. It's soooo good. Can't wait til we do arenas.
It's hard to gauge how famous you are so we try to underestimate so you don't appear like an absolute ********
You're always on Twitter chatting to all the fans...
Tom: I find our fans absolutely hilarious. For some reason they tweet me filth.
While Tom's chatting to us we decide to ask how his poorly leg is (after THAT footy injury).
Tom: It's alright. Getting there. Did a medial ligament.
The worst part was when the guy on the voiceover said 'Give him a clap'.
So did you have a lot of girls coming forward with their 'nursing' abilities?
Tom: I was actually sat on the sidelines for about 20 minutes screaming before anyone came to help.
Is it effecting your movement *worried face*
Tom: Well I did do a jump the other day which crippled me. But should be fine.
And tell us which was the best crowd on tour?
Siva: I'm gonna say Cardiff only because it was the first time I really saw Nathan get nervous. Because his family were there at the show.
How do you get over your nerves when they hit?
Nathan: I didn't. I was really nervous because all my school friends were there as well. My mum sees us when she can. But my dad isn't able to get to a lot of the gigs so it was the first time he'd really seen us. Because they'll give us an honest opinion aswell. You know if it was bad they'd say it was awful.
Jay: My mum always says things like 'What you doing there you look stupid'.
Nathan: We all have our nervous faces. Jay goes red, I gabble but the other three's eyes glaze over.
Siva: Jay doesn't help because he always looks at me.
Cue lots of banter which ends up in us feeling like these lads are clearly more brothers than anything these days.
Back to the interview and we want to know if they've fallen out with each other at all with the pressures?
Jay: No we've never really fallen out properly. But we bickered earlier Sive... it was over your answer to that question.
We roll our eyes as the boys start bringing up the 'argument' from earlier.
Jay: No matter how bad an argument gets - and it never gets that bad - there's always at least two out of the five that lightens it up.
Talking about arguments, we want to get to the bottom of the Parade feud. Is it true you pooed in their dressing room?
Jay: It's completely true. We pooed twice. And put food in their shoes.
Nathan: It's basically because we all fancy Parade. You know at school when you tease the girl you like? It's like that.
Parade v The Sats then. Who's hotter?
You know Parade have just started out. If you look at The Saturdays when they first hit, there's a big difference to where they are now.
So basically ignorning the question. Very diplomatic.
Tom: Sian from Parade's great. I used to chill with her in Bolton on the streets. So random.
Are you worried about their revenge?
All the boys: Bring it on!
Jay: They're all talk.
Nathan: All mouth and no action. Not inventive enough to do it. The worst they'll do is trash our room back.
The boys then asked us if we'd been given any hints by Parade as to what they'd do... we say no (of course, even if we did know, girls stick together don't they?)
Nathan in particular looks worried: Maybe they are planning stuff then! We know they are going to get us back so we'll use it in our favour and try and get them again.
Right back to business, and the new single (out 10th July)...
The video looked fun to make, did you actually have a huge party?
Jay: The party would start and stop like musical statues. But they basically just filmed what we were doing.
We noticed (of course) that most of you stripped off your tops at various points. Was there gym action?
Nathan: No! It was a case of oh god it's roasting hot we're on a beach, why am I wearing a shirt and a T-shirt?
Is this the way forward then for future vids, nakedness?
Jay: No. Unless they're all dead sunny.
Nathan: If it's boiling hot then maybe. If we had great bodies then maybe we could use it but they're average at best.
(We beg to differ)
Siva then tells us he was told he had a muffin top. The boys don't know what that is so we explain...
So what reaction have you had to the single? Is it the party track of the summer?
Tom: The comments on Twitter are that people are liking it which is what we want. It's a song that just gets you in a really good mood.
Jay: That's where we're at now. We've had strategies in the past and we're now at 'You know what, do we like this tune?' it's a really great song, we're not gonna overthink it. It's summer. And we like it.
What's next music-wise?
Jay: Just generally going to be a case of sitting and listening to 30 or so songs that we've recorded and deciding. I've already got one I like and just hope we release Autumn/Winter (he then whispers a name to the others so we can't hear!).
Back to Max, who told us earlier fans weren't gutted about his engagement because they all fancy Nathan. Is that true?
Jay: He gets all the intensly in love ones. Max is seen as a pin-up and Nathan's seen as 'this is my future husband'.
Well we certainly wish Nathan (and the rest) were our future husbands.

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