Tuesday, 26 July 2011

''Now we're finally back at number one we realise how hard it is.''

The boys recently talked to the Daily Record...
See what they talked about here:

The Wanted admit that being at No1 for the SECOND time has helped them appreciate how hard it is to succeed in the music industry.
The Glad You Came chart-toppers first hit the top spot exactly a year ago with their debut single, All Time Low.
But Jay, Max, Siva, Nathan and Tom admit that they felt like lottery winners first time round, rather than proper pop stars who had earned their place in music history.
And Jay's doubly pleased to have been at No1 on his 21st birthday - just like his 20th.
Jay told the said: "I'm elated. Weirdly, last year when we were at No1, it was my birthday week.
"Then we ended that year with the same thing again and it's my birthday week once more. How strange is that?
"When my birthday happens, the gods see fit to give us a No1. If I leave the band, we're finished."
The boys were back at Hamilton Park Racecourse at the weekend, headlining their own show after supporting JLS as an unknown act at the same venue a year ago.
The lads were delighted to spend the evening in Lanarkshire  - a year on from Bev doing their first-ever interview, which can still be seen on YouTube.
Siva said: "You realise how hard it actually is to get a No1 when you are looking to get a second one.
"The first one came too quickly - it was like winning the lottery. But this one was non-stop and we got eyebags and wrinkles. We actually realised that it is something to achieve this time round."
Jay added: "It just felt like a good end to the year, a milestone to now start afresh.
"We had that first year of building and building and building, and we can chop off the year at that.
"That's done now and we can have a good, strong start."
To celebrate their second week at No1, The Wanted were given a string of goodies and gifts from their thousands of Scots fans, including the aptly named The Needed.
It contained bottles of homemade Skittles vodka, Tunnock's Tea Cakes and Wham Bars, and artistic Jay was also given an old copy of The Beano comic from the week he was born.
He said: "I love the Beano and this one is actually three days older than me. I like Gnasher the best because he is a screw-up really.
"We are maybe going to have an annual of our own at some point so maybe I will make a comic strip for that.
I'm not sure what story to tell in it but I'm looking for ideas now." Max also received a signed photograph of Kerry Katona, after talking about her online.
He said of the reality star: "It's Kerry Katona, she's A-list. We're not talking pop star here, she's like Obama's wife."

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