Friday, 13 April 2012

The Wanted get drenched at Universal Studios...without Nathan.

The Wanted took a trip to Universal Studios in Hollywood yesterday in an effort to cool down from the Californian heat.

Siva KaneswaranJay McGuinessMax George and Tom Parker looked pleased with themselves as they jumped on the Jurassic Park log flume ride and got suitably drenched.

We couldn't help but notice Nathan Sykes' absence...

He was instead apparently campaigning for fans' rights outside the boys' hotel.

He tweeted: "So angry at the 'security' at the hotel we are staying in. forcing our fans to move from underneath shelter to stand in the pouring rain.

"Then he tries to bullsh*t me with 'company policies'! i'm sure there is none there about being a total a**hole and not having a heart #pr*ck

"Its a shame cause everyone at this hotel has been awesome and so good to the girls outside but obviously this guy wanted to be a jobs-worth."


  1. Sorry, think there might of been another reason why he was not there ;)
    pretty blonde???????

  2. ok.ok.nathan was with me.i admit.


  3. yeah i heard that he was at a jessie j gig in la with a girl:(

  4. I heard he was in the studio working on some songs and doing a bit of recording.......but whatever he was doing he was doing it for TWfanmily so we all lovee him xxxxxxxxxxx ;)

  5. Hello! I'm a fan of the boys since 1 year now, but because of my poor english I never try to talk with fans (I'm belgian so my english is too bad ><)
    So I' don't know anyone to talk about the boys and their songs not even in real live 'cause my friends don't like The Wanted =( Do you know some site, or chat group where I can meet fans? Thanks!

    (Oh and I read your blog a little! it's great! there's a lot of news! I have to improve my english skills to learn much about the boys *.*)

  6. so, could you helpe me, i cant find a video diary where the boys on the boat, i can see on you tube, if you know how, help me pleaaasee

  7. I love them so much. Did you see them on the Billboards Awards this past weekend!?! Their looks were mentioned on U LOOK HAUTE!!

  8. The pictures don't look that fun without Nathan Sykes who is the cutest member of The Wanted

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