Monday, 12 December 2011

TW get in the Christmas spirit!

Last night TW Performed on ITV's text Santa, if you missed it you can watch it here:


  1. I was in the audience best day ever....Didnt even know the wanted was there! When they walked out i started crying lol andd i caught the attension of jay, my fav!! Then i signed i love you and he gave me a love heart sign, i nearly fainted then he tapped max on hes shoulder and he gave me a wave!
    It was amazing i will never forget that day :D <3

  2. Hi TW,
    I'm a super big fan of Nathan, I saw on a site that you are dooing a tour in the United Kingdom, I live in Belgium so it's not so easy to get there, but i hope I'll have to come see your performance once

  3. hallo,
    in the music lessons in school, we had to listen to 'glad you came' i loved that song, so I let it at home at least a thousand times playing and when I looked at the clip, I loved all of you, and especially Nathan! now i listen to nothing else, i have almost all youre pictures on my phone and all your songs, and I would really like it if you had to send a reply, I hope I will meet you once, You will recognize me, the raging, almost weeping girl

    many greetings Marjolein (from Belgium)