Sunday, 27 November 2011

Yeah, I'm new!

Hi everyone,

I'd like to introduce myself as being the new blog co-owner Jay (@DJay95), some of you may have saw or heard me around while some of you are probably wondering who I am? 
Well, I'm not an intruder and after a vigorous application I was lucky enough to be picked out of a lot of people to help out with one of the biggest TW sites ever! So here's a few bullet pointers about me (not in a shallow way!):

  • I'm 16 years old and I'm one of those rare straight male TW fans!
  •  I discovered TW in the early stages of their career when they were doing school tours and I was helping to promote them. I instantly fell in love with 'All Time Low' as it was something different to what I had heard as a debut single before.
  • I'm a big TW fan and I'm lucky enough to be seeing them on their first arena tour next year with my best mate @lauralovessykes! I've also met them once at a book signing on my nan's birthday, which was a great day for both reasons!
  • My favourite song by them is a tricky one to answer, but  I'd say it is either 'Say It On The Radio' or 'Rocket'.
  • My favourite member is Jay, not only cause he has the same name as me, but because he is as clumsy as me and he's rather hilarious!
So now you know a bit more about me than you did before! I'm here to bring you the latest TW news as soon as it happens and I'm 100% committed to that! If you fancy saying "hello", want a chat  (Be warned I can talk for England!) or if you have anything you might think is EPIC TW shizz and deserves to be on the blog, drop me a tweet @DJay95, and as TW  say "I'll be your strength" well maybe not as dramatic, but I'll be there to reply! Stay tuned as there is lot's of things coming soon but for now thanks for having me onboard!



  1. Hi, nice meeting you (: Do updates more about The Wanted alright (: xxx

  2. hey i love the wanted to. but i lyk nathan more. he is the worlds cutest boy

  3. Finally I found another straight male fan like me, I began to think that I was the only one. :)